Weblandia has become a Partner of one of the World's Leading Companies - Acquia

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The studio Weblandia was recently granted the status of Acquia’s official partner. Acquia is the largest Drupal provider in the world, as for Weblandia, it is the first company in Georgia to become its partner.

In the framework of our partnership program, Acquia will enable us to use their knowledge and experience to better service our clients and enhance our company. We will also benefit from the various services they offer, and if need be, they can provide us with direct technical assistance and consultation, which will undoubtedly increase the quality and scale of our services. We are also given the opportunity to hold various trainings, which will help Georgian developers improve their skills in the use of the strongest Open Source platform – Drupal – and become its certified developers. All this gets Weblandia even closer to the quality and standards offered by Acquia around the globe.

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