Do-doodle! – Come in, Doodle and Win

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“Come in, doodle and win!” – with this slogan, Weblandia continues its entertaining contests, and this time, we are launching our doodle art contest “Do-doodle!” for designers, painters, illustrators… or just doodlers =)

Where Do I Doodle?

Some of you have probably already discovered the board and drawings on the main page or our website. Maybe you have even felt the desire to customize it according to your taste? Weblandia has some surprises in store for doodle amateurs. Do you want to doodle? Do you want to win prizes, or to just entertain yourself? Then go to the main page, where you will find some special chalk in the bottom-left corner of the board. Click on the chalk, and as soon as the board is cleared from the pictures it contained, you can start doodling on your tablet, with your mouse, hand, or any other means. There are no restrictions whatsoever regarding the content. Prepare your own versions of our website and send your doodles through a private message. Then you’ll just have to wait for it to be published in the album dedicated to our contest.


Why Should I Doodle?

Every participant whose drawing receives more than 100 likes will receive a prize. The winner of the “People’s Choice” nomination will be elected by the number of likes, while the best doodler will be selected by Weblandians themselves.

People’s Choice – 100 Georgian laris gift card from the bookshop Biblusi.

Doodle Master – 150 Georgian laris gift card from Rustaveli Cinema Theater.

When Do I Doodle?

“Do-doodle” will start on September 5th 2015 and doodles will be accepted until October 25th. All the creations we receive will be published on our Facebook page on October 29th. The winner of the “People’s Choice” award will be determined by the number of likes the doodles will have gotten after 10 days, while the Doodle Master will be named by our jury.


Who Can Doodle?

Anyone. The most important is to enjoy yourselves while doing it. ^_^

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