Contest – Find the Associations

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You’ve probably already noticed the various illustrations and hidden details on our website. Some of them are clearly visible, while some details require more focus and alertness.

Weblandia is holding a contest to determine who is our most sharp, most resourceful, and fastest visitor: the winner will be the one who will find the highest number of symbols on our site – may they be related to literature, music, cinema, astronomy, or science in general. You can name the symbols you have discovered and what they are associated with in the comment field below this post.

The person who will be the first to reveal all the symbols and their allusions in his or her comments, or the person who will find the highest number of correct associations before 20th of October will be awarded with a 50 Georgian laris gift card from Rustaveli Cinema Theater ^_^. 


The Weblandia team wishes you a successful participation! ^_^


PS: Edited answers won’t count : )

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